2022 Is Finally In The Can!

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As we close out the eye-opening year of self-discovery about who I am and not, I want to reflect a little on my experiences, good, bad, and neutral.

Mid-Life Self-Discovery is similar to Teenage Self-Discovery since both are pivotal points in life.

As a Teenager, you are trying to determine your identity, and when you hit Mid-Life, you reassess your identity.

In 2022, I have increased my self-awareness, turning over some nasty rocks and opening buried memories that require resolution.

Several years ago, I started blogging on Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen, and after the last year, it has become apparent that this experience is relevant to multiple generations.

I look forward to 2023 since one of my biggest takeaways from 2022 is the importance of self-love and that my wants and needs are critical.

The last statement may sound like common sense, but somewhere along the way, I lost myself.

I have also become aware that I can’t change the past but can impact today or tomorrow. Again, common sense but a critical belief.

2022 was a year of increased personal spirituality, and I have spent much time developing myself with God’s guidance and relationships at a local church.

I have also spent a significant amount of time with self-help training centered on burnout, stress, and anxiety, allowing me to learn how to combat these challenges.

The earth continues to rotate, and as we complete another revolution around the sun, I will continue to increase my self-awareness and self-love to be a better person.

  • What are your thoughts on self-awareness and self-love?
  • What will you do in 2023 to increase the joy in your life?

Happy New Year! J


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