Never Turn Down A Chance To Learn – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

A couple of weeks ago I was able to get my head above water with my new job that I started in 2018 so returned to WA and blogging on my primary website to do something I genuinely love.

This week I was scheduled to attend a mandatory class in the Raleigh North Carolina area so on Monday I flew to Raleigh without issue, and last night I flew home, and although there were some difficulties, I was only about 90 minutes late walking in the door last night.

My bride of thirty plus years, and dogs whose names are Scrappy, Roxy, and Desilu were all happy to see me although I walked in the door and crashed.

I was not looking forward to the class I was attending because it was a sales class for experienced salespeople who develop their leads, build their customer base, and pitch innovative solutions for technical issues.

There were many reasons that I was not looking forward to the class but at the age of fifty- five going on fifteen I learned once more why the key to a happy life is continual learning and networking.

Why do I say that? There are many reasons, and I will elaborate a bit.

The first reason it was beneficial was that the class was not only learning techniques but also applying them and using them in workshops.


The week was fast paced where you were assigned a client call, had to prepare for the client call and had to present to the acting client and your peers. During the presentation, you received a score on the success of the client call and your Net Promoter Score.

You wanted to score 5 or higher on a 0 to 10 scale, and even though I was sweating each session, my average for the client call and Net Promoter Score was slightly below seven (7) so all and all I was happy with my score and learned that I need to hone my skills further.

During the four (4) days of training, we covered techniques that the new company I work for wants us to utilize that have been proven to work over the years. Most attendees of this class are experienced salespeople recently hired from other companies in 2018, so we have the desired skills but skills that may require tweaking to meet expectations.

Additionally, building teamwork and networking was a goal of the class, so we were first assigned to teams of eight (8) and were reassigned to different groups when we made client presentations resulting in input and critiquing from more than thirty (30) of our peers and facilitators.

The course started with two (2) weeks of preparatory work performed after hours requiring 10 to 20 hours of add-on work and week three (3) was in Raleigh North Carolina.

Now that we completed phase one (1) and two (2) we move onto the next stages with our next face to face in the Windy City, Chicago Illinois in November followed by more training.

All is good, and it is nice to find a company that is willing to invest in you and the company by providing training to personnel. It has been a long time since I have experienced this type of atmosphere and I appreciate the tools provided and workshops.

What type of training do you participate in for work? Do you like the education provided?

It is excellent being fifty plus going on fifteen and better yet to be able to learn new things. You can teach an old dog new tricks even though the gray matter is not as absorbent as it once was.

Best of luck, Jay

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