I Love Traveling – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

I have been tied up in sales school this week, so I have been unable to blog. I hope everyone is having a great day.

We sit on the tarmac in Charlotte NC on an American airlines commuter jet unable to take off. There is nothing we can do about it since we are waiting for updated paperwork. Why have we waited for nearly an hour for paperwork that allows us to fly? Good question but I am sure that there will be free drinks on this flight.

When I was younger, this would have bothered me since I was not in control
Today, I don’t care although it does mess with transportation home. Worst case, I Lyft or Uber it.  In the past, I chose to drive instead of fly because I was out of control when delays occurred. Now, what does it matter?

I have spent most of my life traveling and by far flying is my least preferred method of travel. Think about it, security checkpoints and early arrival, overpriced food and drinks, waiting for areas without enough seats, automated and I’ve clearly labeled trash and recycling bins, and of course delays and cancellations. Oh yeah, forgot about the 31 inches between places, the lack of padding in the economy area and lost luggage.

Traveling by air is bad enough, now let’s discuss ground transportation.

Usually, I rent a vehicle but in 2018 transitioned to cabs, Uber and Lyft.
I prefer lift, but during this trip, my Lift driver could not find me and when she arrived there was no place for my luggage since her trunk was full of junk. Go figure. Cabs have terrible customer service, I do not like Uber’s uplifts, and airport rental fees kill you.

Yes, I am becoming a grumpy traveler today, but I genuinely do not care since I have no control.

We just took off. I believe we will be lucky to arrive at 10 PM. Who knows but all is good since I will get home tonight.

I have traveled .on trains, plains, automobiles, ferries, ships, submarines, busses, and other modes of transportation and flying is comparable to riding a bus but quicker.

I hope the flight attendant arrives soon with an overpriced drink and small bag of cookies. Remember the days of sandwiches or actual snacks on planes?

The beautiful thing about this flight and the delay is that I am practicing typing on the tablet using the embedded keyboard and as you know, muscle memory is key to doing something like this.

I am looking forward to getting home and seeing my bride of 30 years, kids, and puppies. Scrappy, Roxy and Desilu always miss me when I am home, and I need some puppies to love.

So, I have practiced typing on my tablet, complained about flying, and will soon have an overpriced drink.

My bloody mary was a double and was not free, but I did get a free bag of chips. The flight was uneventful after my bloody mary, but it was cool seeing thunderstorms from above instead of below after dark.

Arrived home only an hour later than planned and my daughter and future son and law picked me up. My bride and the dogs were happy to see me, and I am glad to be home.

Do you enjoy flying? What is your preference, cab, Uber or Lyft?

It’s excellent being fifty plus going on fifteen.

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