Less Than Thirty (30) Days – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

I am en-route to Denver for client meetings, and I have put together most of what I need to blog while traveling since there is no way to open and use a laptop. I do love my Fire tablet since it is faster and more flexible than my old Android. What is on today’s list to blog?

Less than thirty (30) days to go before my little girl becomes a bride and many emotions and memories hit me as the big day comes closer. It only seems like yesterday when I held her for the first time in my arms, taught her how to ride a bike, took her to the emergency room, coached her first softball team, and the list goes on and on.

My children had to grow up as part of a military family, and once I retired from the military, I have traveled much of my career. In many ways, I feel I shortchanged my kids, but at the same time, we were able to keep my bride of thirty plus years home for much of that time. These were the cards dealt.

Since my kids were born we have lived in Georgia, South Dakota, Iowa, and for the past 12 years in Missouri. I always thought that this would make them more socially outgoing since with relocation comes the need to make new friends when you relocate. I was wrong in some aspects but accurate in others.

We relocated to Missouri 12 years ago since my daughter was going to Missouri State University and my employer wanted me to take over corporate management responsibilities. I believe this was the best decision we could make since the area we lived in was transitioning into a retail sector which would limit our kid’s futures.

My daughter worked with and for me at my prior employer as she went to college, and after she graduated, she ran our equipment purchasing, installations and sales support areas since she could not find an opportunity in her field of study. She moved on to use her skills with a local company after an investment group bought our company.

For years I heard how she could not find a guy that met her expectations, etc. and guess what, she did about the same time she transitioned into her new position. Of course, mom and dad told her that would happen but what would we know.
They have selected a beautiful venue near Brandon Missouri where the get married in a giant treehouse, and they have a winery and brewery on site. The package negotiated includes reception, meal, drink to a set limit, DJ, and a skinny road that allows only one car at a time.

The wedding is in mid-September so the trees will be full but not turned, and we do have the option to use the outdoor wedding area of need. Decisions, decisions.

The plane landed in Denver without incident and after a broken luggage carousel and eating for the Hertz bus, I picked up the rental and checked in early. My first client meeting went well so now I need to dig into training after dinner.

My daughter called, and it looks like we are canceling the appetizer for the wedding since we Re under the reception meal attendee max, and we are still trying to figure out motels, vans, and who knows what else.

Under 30 days and all seems to be going as well as possible. We are all excited for the day and to get the day over. The honeymoon location is Hawaii since the hurricane wiped out St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and today there is a hurricane heading for Hawaii. The lava flow has already impacted where they are staying so I hope the storm misses the islands.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on about my daughter and her wedding.

Do you have any new wedding or honeymoon comments?

Just finished dinner at the hotel and had some excellent trout and tasty mushroom soup. Best head up to the room and get some work done. I love being fifty plus going on fifteen.

Have a great one. J

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