What A Week – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen


Happy Sunday and this has been a hectic week, but it is now over after traveling to Chicago for client visits, meeting with my cousin that I have not seen for any amount of time for more than three decades, graded sales sessions for work, my daughter’s wedding rehearsal, and finally her wedding.

I guess I am a bit wiped out but wanted to post a quick blog for tonight, and since work travel is limited until the end of the quarter, I will continue to write later.

The big highlight of the week is that I have a new title father-in-law. The rehearsal went great as did the wedding and except for some frayed nerves during the dance, it was a wonderful experience, and I could not be more proud of my daughter and our new son. They took off to Hawaii this morning, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

I met with my cousin Heidi in Milwaukee this week and also met one of her sons. I was sad that for so many years we were unable to connect but never again.  Heidi did a great job of raising her boys, and both of them have limitless futures. I will drag my son to Milwaukee in late October to meet Heidi when we travel around Lake Michigan.

I participated in graded online video sessions throughout the week for sales training, and I am happy with the results. We have a couple of weeks before we start the new segment so I can work on some overdue sales initiatives.

My client visits to the Chicago area had results that were mixed. I will reach back out to these customers this week, and hopefully, there will be some opportunities. Chicago road construction season was in full force as I traveled the tollways.

Wishing you a great day and this week was one of those fifty-plus going on fifteen weeks. More to come.

How did your week go?

Thanks for stopping by.


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