Light Forces And Dark Forces – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

With each day that passes it seems like the question we need to ask is “Why has the world become unglued“?

I do not believe this question is specific to sex, religion, politics, geography, income, and/or education but I do believe this question is specific to good and evil or light and dark forces.

This weekend, I was scanning slides that I had taken through the 70s and 80s into digital format. During this time frame, major threats to humanity included:

  • Nuclear war with the Soviet Union.
  • Global cooling predicted by environmentalist.
  • Petroleum shortages predicted by the end of the 20th century.

I was raised left of center as a follower of JFK so I was environmentally aware, believed that rogue nations could be negotiated with, and promoted limited infringement in personal rights. In the 80s and 90s, I was also a sailor in the US Navy so at times I was a duck out of water due to the militarys right of center atmosphere.

Marriage and children came in the late 80s and early 90s and during this time, the end of the Cold War occurred, global cooling was debunked, and new petroleum reserves were found. I wiped the sweat off my brow and was thankful about the positive changes in our world.

Think about it, heroic efforts of the greatest generation (WWII), Korean War, Vietnam, and Cold War veterans had paid off even though it had taken more than forty (40) years to solidify world peace and freedom after the end of World War Two (WWII). I was thankful that our children would be able to live a happy and safe life due to the hard choices that were made during the Cold War.

During the mid 1990s, the military was downsized and I retired from the Navy and entered th civilian sector. The economy was bumping along and the dot.coms were big. We moved to South Dakota and started a new chapter in our life and the future could not look better.

As the end of the century rolled around, I found that I was not as gullible as I had once been and started to question politics, right and wrong more. It became clear to me that neither of primary political parties owned the high ground when it came to good and evil. Worse yet, both primary political parties appeared to be more concerned about political power than the good of the nation.

Y2K occurred and I moved to my second long term career starting in the field. The 2000 presidential election was hard fought and a new level of political ugliness occurred after the election. United States politics had been taken over by Lawyers and I never want to hear about “hanging chads” again.

In early September 2001, I took some vacation to paint our house. On Monday I scraped paint and while walking my son to school on Tuesday, the first World Trade Center was hit by a plane. I walked into the house and my bride informed me about the plane crash and I told her it was not an accident. Soon after, the second World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field were the final resting places for four (4) suicide planes.

This was the beginning of my “what is going on” phase and it has not stopped since 911. This was also the start of what I consider defined light and dark forces that impact us every day we take a breath. Evil is emphasized in our 24 hour news, internet, 4G world and stories about good are few and far between. As a society, I believe we have become numb to dark forces and accept these forces as the norm and not an exception.

It has been sixteen (16) years since my “what is going on‘ phase started and I feel sorry for our younger generations for having to experience the failure of lightness winning over darkness. I wish the major political parties would get over their desire for power and work for the good of the United States and the world but that appears to be a secondary goal.

What are your thoughts about light and dark forces? Is there hope for future generations?

Please provide feedback and comments and thanks for visiting.

Fifty plus going on fifteen (50 plus going on 15)

Jay Patterson

6 thoughts on “Light Forces And Dark Forces – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen”

    1. Thanks for visiting my site.

      My primary point is that our government should be for the people but in the last 20 years has been for the government and specific causes that are not always good for the people.

      I was raised in the 60s and 70s so experienced the unrest during that timeframe. Much progress has been made in the last 50 years but you would not know it based on today’s political and social environment.

      The end result, I believe that we have a political environment that is driving unrest on both sides of the aisle in an attempt to maintain power and neither side cares what is right or wrong as long as they have power.

      I hope that makes sense and thanks for visiting. Jay

  1. I feel there are light and dark forces, and though dark forces influence us, they don’t control us, unless we allow it, giving in to pessimism, dark thoughts, etc. I do have hope for future generations. Over the years, there has been a growing number of volunteer organizations seeking to improve our world. But you don’t often hear of them on the evening news. Our news media has reported some on good news. They can do better. All the negative news is debilitating. That’s too much bad news. I think it’s good to be aware of problems, so we can fix them. But the news media does us a disservice by over-reporting bad news, and under-reporting the good.

    I’m convinced that people actively making efforts to better our world, being the change they want to see, is what will make the world a better place. I think of our positive actions being in partnership with light forces, whether the active participants are aware of the light forces or not.

    Too many people sell themselves short. We each have tremendous power available, but nothing much manifests unless we exert our will and take action.

    Thanks for asking for comments about light and dark forces.

    1. Vance, Thanks for visiting my site and I agree that we control our light or dark side. You are correct that the media reports heavy on dark forces because dark sells better than good news. We need to continue to do more good both as individuals and organizations. Have a great day. Jay

  2. Jay, I have so much trouble understanding the various reasons for the evil and self interest promulgated over the last couple of decades. Why do groups or individuals feel the need for everyone to ape their ideas and wants.

    As for politicians, well if I had behaved like they do my mum would have ‘whooped my ass’. (And she wasn’t hesitant about this and once was always enough!) So many of them appear to buy their seats and none want to distribute enough wealth to allow all a relatively happy and healthy life. I know the homeless situation here in Australia is pretty bad but I believe it is totally insignificant to yours.

    My policy is live and let live (thanks Ian Fleming) as long as no-one hurts another. I must be deluded!

    I can see your point of view perfectly and I to fought in the 60s and 70s for rights and freedom. What a waste of time it now appears.

    Great post.


    1. Helen,

      Thanks for visiting and I appreciate your comments. I agree with your policy of “live and let live”. I believe it all comes down to maintaining power no matter the results and where you live. Although I am retired military, the reason I served was to maintain the rights and freedom all of mankind should enjoy. I could ramble on but will not. Thanks, Jay

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