Great Day For A Solar Eclipse – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

The clock is ticking and it has been nearly 100 years since the last coast to coast solar eclipse so I guess it is a big deal or an indication of our mortality. For some of us, we were able to experience a solar eclipse since we were in the Great White North (North Dakota) in 1979 which leads me to my new website “FIFTY PLUS GOING ON FIFTEEN”.

There is much talk of fifty being the new thirty but I like to look at it as being QUINTASTIC which sounds so James Bond. We may move a little slower and hurt a little more but we love to have fun and age should not be an excuse.

Much has happened from 1979 to 2017, entire lives have been lived, kids have grown, nations have collapsed, wars have been fought, friends have been lost, and we have all lived through predicted catastrophes that never happened.

It is hard to believe that in our “QUINTASTIC” lifetime we have gone from black and white televisions with no remote and three (3) channels to more channels than you can count and online content. We have gone from party lines to bag phones, to cell phones, to smartphones in every pocket. We have gone from computers the size of a refrigerator or larger to computers that fit on a pinhead. Do we thank Area 51 or Star Trek for the advances??

The purpose of this website is to have some fun but also discuss topics that impact those that are fifty plus. I will keep this short today but will dive deeper in future articles.

Have A Quintastic Day!!


2 thoughts on “Great Day For A Solar Eclipse – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen”

  1. Hello Jay. I have gone through your website and there is something great to read on every page. Very enjoyable. Thanks

    1. Trevor,

      Thanks for stopping by and this is my editorial, journal website, training. I am actually working on others websites that will be revealed in 2018 for commerce, etc. I hope you are doing well. Jay

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