Is There A Gray Ceiling? Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

I have always believed that with age you gain wisdom, respect and the ability to take advantage of these skills when making a career change. Perhaps I am old-fashioned or naive but there appears to be a slight Gray Ceiling that we bump into and it has only occurred to me in the last couple years.

Some Gray Ceiling Indications are subtle and some are not so subtle. These include:

  • Over qualified.
  • Low compensation offered when qualified for position.
  • Not trainable.
  • Bored doing this job.
  • Technology challenges,

I have never been one to sit back and accept artificial limitations and I have always been a cup half full person so this was basically a call to throw down the gloves and do everything in my power to re-package myself.

There are numerous articles, blogs, books regarding how to re-invent/re-package yourself and I chose to do the following:

  1. Update your Linked In profile if you have one, build a Linked In account if you don’t have one.
    1. My Linked In profile was not complete even though I have been a member for years.
  2. Revise your resume and if needed build different versions of your resume.
    1. I have multiple resumes based on the opportunity I am looking at and I have a watered down resume that is less than two (2) pages for generic submissions.
  3. Obtain quick reference letters or statements and add to your resume package, profiles, etc. Make them a mixture of people you have worked for, worked with and worked for you.
    1. I have references spanning 20 plus years for trending.
  4. Brush up on current technology and software packages.
    1. Being able to talk the talk that is half the battle.
  5. Feel good about yourself and get over your hang ups.
    1. Eat better, sleep better, participate in fun activities, volunteer, contact people you have not spoken to for extended periods, start a journal, work out, etc…
  6. Bring your “A Game” to online applications, phone interviews, and in person interviews.
    1. With technology, the job hunt has become very impersonal so you need to shine whenever possible.
  7. Most importantly, the world has changed so you need to Network, Network, Network and if that is not enough, network some more.
    1. I have contacted numerous old contacts and have added many new contacts during this endeavor.

I am not saying there is age discrimination but I am saying it is more difficult to find a position when you are Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen so pull out the stops and put your best foot forward.

It is not my goal to work for someone else my entire career but until I am able to devote 100% of my time, debt free to an independent career I will do what it takes to make it a little closer to that goal including re-inventing/re-packaging myself.

I am not a professional writer and I am not a guru but I like many of you have years of experience blowing into my sails and believe there is a place for us in our current work environment.

Wishing everyone the best… Jay

Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen – 50 Plus Going On 15

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