Why Do I Write An Editorial Blog – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

Jay on ATVRiding My ATV At Cloud 9
You may ask why someone would write an editorial blog and if anyone would read it when written since there are so many editorials out there. I cannot tell you why others do this but I can tell you why I do this.

The reason I blog is that I need a way to release my thoughts, concerns, etc., for personal, professional, and other reasons. How did I get here?

In 2015, my life went through a number of twists and turns that were unexpected but who can really anticipate twists and turns since they just happen. Some of these twists included:

  • My mother experienced a serious stroke during the Superbowl that resulted in her residing in a nursing home for the remainder of her life.
    • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly trips between North Dakota and Missouri the norm through all of 2015.
  • The company I worked for was sold to an investment company in March and with that sale, my position was significantly impacted even though I was asked to stay on for twelve (12) months.
    • Much travel was required for work between our Missouri and Illinois offices.
  • All other senior staff at the company I worked at were terminated by the end of 2017 except for myself.
    • I was the source of information for corporate history, information, and blame.

2016 ended up being a year of transition for me since the downhill trend continued from 2015.

  • The new management team and I disagreed on reporting accuracy.
    • Accurate reporting without massaging, tweaking, etc. was a must.
  • Decisions were made by the new management team with limited input from knowledgeable employees.
    • Changes impacting key competencies were made without being vetted.
  • I decided to move on and work as a consultant for other companies.
    • Increased flexibility to travel home to see my parents.

2017 rolled around and I decided to work as a full-time employee since I was not able to invest the time to develop a customer base for consulting so I had breaks between jobs.

  • I was hired by a local sales and service company to transition them from shrink mode to grow mode.
    • The company decided they did not want to go through the pain of transitioning so we parted ways.
  • After forty (40) years of working without a significant break, I decided to take some time to figure out what I wanted to do.
    • This is when I initially started to blog and research other options including franchises, full-time employment, sales, etc.
  • Being offered an opportunity to help develop sales and support for a small company that has a national presence, I decided to accept the offer.

Unluckily, in May 2017, my mother’s health continued to decline and she passed away after a long fight. I was devastated by her death even though I had years to prepare for it.

During this time, I also realized that I had not emotionally dealt with my professional life either and had to get right both personally and professionally.

I started writing a journal but over time that was not enough to deal with the issues listed above so I decided to write an editorial blog to:

  • Get right personally since I do not have my mom to talk to.
  • Share professionally since I do not have my long-established circle of employees, peers, etc.
  • Deal with issues, challenges, etc. regarding being fifty plus going on fifteen.
  • Provide a boost to those that are fifty plus since it is not a death sentence.
  • Vent as required.
  • What do you do to help maintain personal and professional stability?

I want to thank each of you for visiting this blog and wish you health, safety, and success. It is great being fifty plus going on fifteen.

Jay Patterson


37 Years Ago – The Journey – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen


Each of us has major dates that we remember including birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.

Every year I have the pleasure of not only noting the anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the birth of the Greatest Generation but also my enlistment anniversary into the United States Navy.

This year marks the 37th year since I swore the oath to “Protect and Defend” and left my childhood home of North Dakota for the big bad world I so desired to enter.

The night before I left was memorable since it was my last day of not having a care beyond my own selfish desires as an adolescent that knew everything but was dumb as a rock.

What was memorable about the day before I left for Fargo North Dakota and flew to Great Lakes Illinois for my first long-term career?

  • It was a cold day for December with the temperatures not passing twenty (20) degrees, the wind blowing from ten (10) to twenty (20) miles per hour (MPH), and it was snowing.
    • I remember it being a humid day with a bitter wind from the northwest.
  • I did not work the day prior to leaving since I had resigned from Dale’s Mobil since this was a planned transition.
    • The owner, Dale, is one of my special mentors.
  • My parents, sister and I went to Wagon Masters for the last meal before I ate boot camp chow hall food.
    • I worked for Wagon Masters as a cook as a teenager and loved the food.
  • Our dinner (supper) was interrupted by news that my friend’s (Mike) farmhouse was on fire.
    • Mike was my best man a few days later and passed to another realm at a young age.
  • Mike and his dog needed a ride back to town to stay with his parents and this was the last time I saw him until we hooked up a few years later.
    • The dog ate something that did not agree with him so we had to drive with the windows down in the bitter cold.

Winter Farmhouse

The next morning was an early morning for myself and I used my ticket to get on the bus with one (1) set of clothes, a few pictures and long hair to my name.

Being my first commercial bus ride, I quickly decided this was not a preferred method of transportation based on the odors emanating from the restroom.

I was thankful the ride lasted only two (2) hours on Interstate 94 and my first stop was Fargo North Dakota.

Once I arrived in Fargo, I was transported to the Fargo Airport and hopped on my first airplane flight to Ohara in Chicago Illinois. Flying was much better than taking a bus, but I still felt trapped.

The flight was uneventful, and I had to make my way to the bus that would transport me to Great Lakes Recruit Training Center after arriving at Ohara.

I quickly realized I was no longer in Kansas (North Dakota) anymore when I observed the skinheads, Hare Krishna, and other oddities (to me) roaming the airport.

The bus ride from Ohara to Great Lakes Recruit Training Center did not change my opinion about buses since this bus had the same odor the bus in North Dakota had.

I daydreamed as the bus bounced up Interstate 94 and finally the bus came to an abrupt stop and I was told this was my stop.

  • This made me think of the movie “Bus Stop” with Marilyn Monroe and that was a classic.
  • What events in your life do you clearly remember as a defining point in your life?

Stepping off the bus, I observed the gates and guardhouses at Great Lakes Recruit Training Center and had never felt so alone in my life.

Walking to the gate, I handed over my orders and it became very clear to me that I was a piece of meat from this point on.

I have always had great first impressions and guess what, I was a piece of meat for many weeks to come as I participated in boot camp.

Pearl Harbor Day will always be special to me for not only the obvious reasons but also because this is the day I became a sailor even though it was 39 years later.

Thanks for stopping by and may you have health, safety, and success. It is wonderful being fifty plus going on fifteen (50 plus going on 15).

Jay Patterson

I Would Love A Cheeseburger From A Local Diner – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

Come In We're OpenWho doesn’t love a cheeseburger from a local diner with melted cheese, a toasted bun, and fresh, crisp onions.

There was a time when you had a choice of many local diners, cafes, and restaurants where you could get cheeseburgers named the bull wacker, the lumberjack, the conductor and each one of them had its own little twist.

Menu selections appeared endless and each location had its own twist. One thing for certain was that you could get a great cup of coffee and a piece of pie with ice cream.

The city I currently live in with 15,000 people, has less than ten (10) local places to eat that are not owned by regional or national chains. This is crazy in my opinion.

Occasionally, I travel back to my home town of Jamestown North Dakota. You can count local establishments on a hands and the population is 15,000 people. When I was a kid, there were more than 25 family owned locations. Some places that no longer exist include:

  • Big Jims Steakhouse
  • Ebertz Cafe
  • Wagon Masters Restaurant
  • Northwest Y
  • Lakeway Drive Inn
  • Blue Jay Inn
  • Randy’s
  • Pizza Palace
  • Continental Inn
  • Chuck Wagon

I travel the nation for work and it has become increasingly difficult to find local eateries and this is a real shame. When I travel into a new area, I look for new and interesting places to each and it can be tough to find.

At one time, you could estimate the quality of the diner, cafe, or restaurant by the number of calendars near the cash register.

  • If there was one calendar, you probably would not like the food.
  • Three (3) or more calendars identified great food.

The new local eatery trend has been food trucks. Although food trucks have existed since the invention of the automobile, the quality and variety has changed.

  • In the past, food trucks were known as few roach coaches and food quality was poor and variety was limited.
  • Today, food trucks are becoming the new place to eat that are clean and have excellent food with variety.

It is great that food trucks are meeting the needs of consumers that do not want to eat at chain restaurants.

Although there are locally owned diners, cafes and restaurants that you can enjoy, the majority of places you can eat are part of local, regional or national chains.

Branding is critical to chains, you will find limited variety and personality when a visit different locations but quality can vary.

When traveling for work, the primary place they would choose to meet was Applebees. Overall not a bad chain restaurant but you can only eat at Applebees so many times.

  • Recent news reports indicate that the company that owns Applebees also owns IHOP and they are closing 100 plus locations in 2017. This is sad for the employees.
Another chain restaurant that technicians enjoy eating at is Ruby Tuesdays. Great salad bar and decent food but again, you can only eat at Ruby Tuesdays so many times.


  • Ruby Tuesdays has also been struggling recently and has closed locations nationwide. They were sold to an investment group in 2017 so we shall see what happens.

It seems like chain restaurants are similar to food and both have a shelf life since so many local, regional and national chains have closed down. A short list includes:

  • Happy Joes
  • Howard Johnsons
  • Country Kitchen
  • Chi-Chi’s
  • Steak & Ale

I have discussed full-service chain restaurants but have not touched on fast food restaurants because there have been a few that are always there and many that come and go.

This takes me back to I want a greasy cheeseburger from a local non-chain establishment and it is not going to happen unless I drive ten (10) miles into Springfield Missouri and that is not right.

  • Do you prefer chain restaurants or local restaurants?


  • What is your favorite chain restaurant that went out of business?

Wishing you health, safety, and success. It’s great being fifty plus going of fifteen (50 plus going on 15)

Thanks for visiting and please comment. 

Jay Patterson


Tribute To Submarines On Eternal Patrol – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

I write this blog as a tribute to all submarines on eternal patrol and for the ARA San Juan which has been missing and presumed lost in the south Atlantic since the middle of November 2017.

Submarines are a mystery to many but home for a small population of sailors worldwide. I was lucky enough to be an active submariner in the 1980s and 1990s and will always value this experience.

The probable loss of the ARA San Juan has emotionally impacted me over the past couple weeks because the sailors on this vessel were brothers and sisters of mine since we are a small community.

My heart goes out to the families of the ARA San Juan crew members since it is doubtful they will ever have closure since the reasons why the vessel disappeared will probably never be fully understood.

Although the United States has deployed hundreds of submarines since the end of World War II, we have lost four (4) submarines that are identified below.

  • USS Cochino – SS-345 – Lost 1949 in the Norwegian Sea.
  • USS Stickleback – SS-415 – Lost 1958 in the Pacific Ocean.
  • USS Thresher – SSN-593 – Lost 1963 in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • USS Scorpion – SSN-589 – Lost 1968 in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is believed that the US Navy Subsafe program which was implemented after the loss of the USS Thresher is responsible for the improved safety record since the 1960s.

What is known about the ARA San Juan last messages on November 15th.

  • 12:30 a.m. – The San Juan Captain contacted the local land-based commander via satellite phone informing them of flooding through the snorkel mast. The flooding short-circuited the bow battery system causing a fire that was extinguished. The Captain identified that the short was bypassed and the San Juan would continue to travel towards the base.
  • 6:00 a.m. – The San Juan transmitted the same message from 12:30 am as transmitted radio traffic.
  • 7:30 a.m. – The San Juan Captain contacted the local land-based commander indicating the San Juan was transiting, submerged, as planned, without additional issues.
  • 10:30 a.m. – An explosion and/or implosion was detected near the ships last location. The explosion/implosion was not identified as occurring through recorded acoustic data.

There was hope that the 44 crew members of the ARA San Juan would have enough air to last seven (7) to twelve (12) days if the submarine was submerged but disabled. Unluckily, we have exceeded this timeline so the current mission is probably a recovery mission.

A multi-national team continues to search a 40,000 square mile area for the ARA San Juan although results are doubtful.

Indications are that the casualty was a combination of flooding and fire.

  • Experiencing one (1) of these casualties is a major challenge that submarine crews constantly drill for.
  • Experiencing two (2) of these casualties and additional catastrophic failures related to the battery compartment would likely cause loss of the submarine.

We may never know what occurred with the ARA San Juan but our thoughts and prayers will be with the crew and families forever.

Wishing you health, safety, and success. I am Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen (50 Plus Going On 15) and I hope for a miracle.

Jay Patterson


Expanding Your Horizons – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

I have always believed you can teach an old dog new tricks and sometimes you learn by choice and sometimes you ask what is going on when you run into something new.

Building websites, blogging, and writing articles is new to me but in 2017 my family and I have been expanding our horizons.

2017 has been a transitional year for me since it was my first full year not working for my long-term after leaving in 2016. During the last twenty (20) months I have learned what I don’t want to do for a living during my third long-term career and what I may want to do.

During the fall of 2017, I selected a mode of self-agony I never thought I would choose. That choice transitioned me from being an NFL football fan to becoming an NHL hockey fan.

  • I will not get into details since I have discussed in earlier articles but I will state I have not watched an NFL football game this year for the first time since 1969. This is very painful since my Vikings are doing well but I am not budging.
  • My family and I have been Predator fans for years but I was not the fan my wife and daughter is. I wanted to follow the expansion Las Vegas Golden Nights since I had followed the expansion draft and was impressed.

So, we are 25% through the hockey season and we watch NHL hockey most nights on center ice and have pretty much written off NFL football which is nearly 70% complete.

Yesterday, I was helping my bride of thirty (30) plus years clean before company arrived for our Thanksgiving feast and I went to mop the kitchen floor and became frantic because I could not find a mop.

  • Normally, I would get on the floor with a bucket of soap and water taking me back to my submarine days but I am a bit stiff from all the driving I did in November so I asked why we don’t have a mop and bucket.
  • My bride informed me that we use something called a Swiffer now and I thought she was depraved.

So, I learned how to use a Swiffer and although it was not my preferred method of cleaning, I used the Swiffer and it worked pretty well. I guess my bride of thirty (30) plus years is pretty smart but I still cannot figure out what she sees in me.

Being in professional transition since early 2016, I decided to concentrate on sales during the summer of 2017. Sales were not new to me since it had always been part of my job which was multifaceted.

  • Jump-starting my professional path excites me since I am now able to provide solutions to devoted customers that I have total confidence in.
  • My bride of thirty (30) plus years shown courage and support in this decision.

So, all have not worked out as planned since I have been tied up in operations since I started my present position but you must crawl before you walk and I am still excited about moving in this direction.

My bride of thirty (30) plus years has also adjusted to our change in life and has been amazing. She could have fired me but instead has shown grit as we have rolled through our challenges. Renee has stepped up to the plate and has shown much heart working part-time and learning a craft to turn into a small business.

  • Renee returned to work part-time at the local school system which she loves. I believe working in the school system shows much bravery.
  • In addition to working part-time, Renee has been developing her para cord skills and we will be starting a small business and a website soon. She is addicted to para cording I believe.

This is a work in progress and I have examples of her work below. She also manufactures dog collars and leashes that are stunning. Wish her luck.

As you can see, we are in transition and there is truth to “You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks”. In fact, both of us are learning new tricks.

I am grateful that I have the ability to be fifty plus going on fifteen (50 plus going on 15) and it is uplifting that my bride has the courage to continue to be my partner through these changes.

How are you expanding your horizons?

Thanks for visiting this site and feel free to comment and make recommendations.

Wishing you health, safety, and success.

Jay Patterson

What Is Going On In 2017 – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

I originally started writing this in early November prior to traveling for work. I was unable to complete do to work related priorities and much has occurred during the month of November to further emphasize this article. So here goes.

When 2016 came to an end, I sighed a breath of relief believing that there is no way 2017 could be any crazier. Well, it would appear that it is time to ask “what is going on” as we start the eleventh (11th) month of 2017.

During 2017, we have experienced both highs and lows as a nation and world but one thing for certain is that we are not safer based on terrorist attacks, lone wolf attacks, and unstable regimes. Perhaps, we are safer but we do not know it but in my opinion, the world has become a more unglued.

Beyond world safety, we live in a world of political chaos. Portions of nations are trying to succeed from nations, politicians are fighting with politicians in the same political parties, and there are power struggles between special interest groups with similar goals. What was up is down and what was down is up.
In recent weeks, it has become apparent that many of the rumors we thought were true regarding the entertainment industry have been validated as not only accurate but also hidden from view. In times like this, we need to question if rules are equally applied but I believe we all know the answer. I will discuss further later in this article.

Since starting on this article, much has occurred to solidify my concerns regarding good and evil which was addressed in an earlier article.

Who would believe that a small town congregation in Texas would be massacred by a lone gunman who illegally possessed weapons and slipped through the system destroying many lives in his short life. This tragedy fell off the front page of news agencies much as the Las Vegas massacre a month earlier. So sad.

Starting in October 2017, the news has been saturated with “Me Too” reports involving people in powerful positions. I do not believe anyone is shocked considering certain people have been protected or untouchable and I hope these individuals get what is due to them.
My concern with the “Me Too” is that the issue goes well beyond our leaders in entertainment, politics and business and is a problem that goes beyond sexual harassment. Why is sexual harassment the big news item other than because sex sells?

Harassment occurs in all economic, social, racial, religious and gender groups and needs to be treated equally. I do not believe someone that has been harassed in small town USA or urban USA is treated in the same manner as someone harassed by a big name but I could be wrong.

I am not minimizing the issue but I am making a point that harassment is not being treated equally a form of hate.

This week, evil did take a hit with the death of Charles Manson. It is hard to believe that in the late 60s the massacre of a few people by Charles Manson and his followers was considered unacceptable and all involved were sentenced to life in prison.

At one point in our history, murder was not as common place as in our current environment but the murder of Sharon Tate and her unborn child was brutal. It is truly my hope that Charles Manson suffers wherever he currently is.
2017 has been a year that we must all ask “what is going on” and do everything in our power to turn the tide.

What are your thoughts on the events of 2017?

Wishing you health, safety and success. Its great being fifty plus going on fifteen (50 plus going on 15).

Jay Patterson








Light Forces And Dark Forces – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

With each day that passes it seems like the question we need to ask is “Why has the world become unglued“?

I do not believe this question is specific to sex, religion, politics, geography, income, and/or education but I do believe this question is specific to good and evil or light and dark forces.

This weekend, I was scanning slides that I had taken through the 70s and 80s into digital format. During this time frame, major threats to humanity included:

  • Nuclear war with the Soviet Union.
  • Global cooling predicted by environmentalist.
  • Petroleum shortages predicted by the end of the 20th century.

I was raised left of center as a follower of JFK so I was environmentally aware, believed that rogue nations could be negotiated with, and promoted limited infringement in personal rights. In the 80s and 90s, I was also a sailor in the US Navy so at times I was a duck out of water due to the militarys right of center atmosphere.

Marriage and children came in the late 80s and early 90s and during this time, the end of the Cold War occurred, global cooling was debunked, and new petroleum reserves were found. I wiped the sweat off my brow and was thankful about the positive changes in our world.

Think about it, heroic efforts of the greatest generation (WWII), Korean War, Vietnam, and Cold War veterans had paid off even though it had taken more than forty (40) years to solidify world peace and freedom after the end of World War Two (WWII). I was thankful that our children would be able to live a happy and safe life due to the hard choices that were made during the Cold War.

During the mid 1990s, the military was downsized and I retired from the Navy and entered th civilian sector. The economy was bumping along and the dot.coms were big. We moved to South Dakota and started a new chapter in our life and the future could not look better.

As the end of the century rolled around, I found that I was not as gullible as I had once been and started to question politics, right and wrong more. It became clear to me that neither of primary political parties owned the high ground when it came to good and evil. Worse yet, both primary political parties appeared to be more concerned about political power than the good of the nation.

Y2K occurred and I moved to my second long term career starting in the field. The 2000 presidential election was hard fought and a new level of political ugliness occurred after the election. United States politics had been taken over by Lawyers and I never want to hear about “hanging chads” again.

In early September 2001, I took some vacation to paint our house. On Monday I scraped paint and while walking my son to school on Tuesday, the first World Trade Center was hit by a plane. I walked into the house and my bride informed me about the plane crash and I told her it was not an accident. Soon after, the second World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field were the final resting places for four (4) suicide planes.

This was the beginning of my “what is going on” phase and it has not stopped since 911. This was also the start of what I consider defined light and dark forces that impact us every day we take a breath. Evil is emphasized in our 24 hour news, internet, 4G world and stories about good are few and far between. As a society, I believe we have become numb to dark forces and accept these forces as the norm and not an exception.

It has been sixteen (16) years since my “what is going on‘ phase started and I feel sorry for our younger generations for having to experience the failure of lightness winning over darkness. I wish the major political parties would get over their desire for power and work for the good of the United States and the world but that appears to be a secondary goal.

What are your thoughts about light and dark forces? Is there hope for future generations?

Please provide feedback and comments and thanks for visiting.

Fifty plus going on fifteen (50 plus going on 15)

Jay Patterson

Paul Harvey Friend To Millions – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

One thing was certain as a kid growing up in Jamestown North Dakota and that was KSJB Radio 600 AM would broadcast Paul Harvey’s programs. Millions loved him for his straight forward style and I for one miss his daily broadcasts.

My mom hooked me on Paul Harvey as a child and I always stopped tuning the radio when I heard his unique voice until his death in 2009. My favorite broadcast series was “The Rest Of The Story” which was part of his daily program from World War Two (WWII) until the mid 1970s and became an independent series from 1976 until 2008.

The rest of the story was a mixture of history and mystery and as Paul Harvey read his notes, your mind would be working hard to guess who, what, or where his story was going to reference.

Paul Harvey may have been considered a bad boy for his time considering Paul Harvey was discharged from the military during World War Two (WWII) for questionable reasons that Paul Harvey would not address, Paul Harvey was arrested for attempting to break into a nuclear research facility in the 1950s, and was accused of misleading product endorsements late in his career.
Today, Paul Harvey’s style would not be considered politically correct (PC) and Paul Harvey would probably be considered right-wing in our current environment and I am sure his advertisers would have been targeted by boycotts.

It seems strange that someone that worried about national debt, big government, lack of common sense in government, and the permissiveness of parents could be so right about the future of our nation decades before it happened.

One of Paul Harvey’s most famous broadcasts and newspaper articles was “If I Were The Devil” which was penned in the early 1960s. This visionary piece identifies the steps the devil would take to corrupt the world and when a comparison between the early 1960s and 2010s is performed it is extremely accurate.

There are many websites that you can visit to learn about Paul Harvey or to actually listen to his broadcasts and I have attached one for your pleasure.

Paul Harvey belongs with many other greats that I enjoyed since childhood. John Wayne, Johnny Cash, James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Michael Landon, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Paul Harvey with the list going on. It is great to watch the classics and see what we have lost. It makes you ask what is going on with each loss.

I miss the days of rotating the tuning knob on the AM radio and stopping when I heard those famous words “Now For The Rest Of The Story“.

Do you remember Paul Harvey and what was your favorite story? 

How were you exposed to Paul Harvey?

Do you remember when you could state your opinion and not be attacked for standing for something?

Wishing you health, safety and success. Its great being fifty plus going on fifteen (50 plus going on 15).

Please feel free to provide comments or opinions.

Jay Patterson

5 Reasons Why NHL Hockey Is Better Than NFL Football – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

2017 has been a transitional year for me considering Having been an ardent NFL Football fan since I was six (6) years old. Having lived through four (4) Minnesota Viking Superbowl losses and other football heartbreaks during my short life.

During my fifty plus going on fifteen, Having experienced football strikes, witnessed trades that sold a team out for years, and Having cried during drafts because we could have had a star but selected a nobody. Having asked on many occasions what is going on without receiving a real answer to my question.

In 2016, I took it on the chin when there was unrest in the NFL and curbed how many games I watched to a minimum. I 2017, the unrest became a revolt and Having not watched an NFL game this year and have no intention to start. Having discussed in other blogs, I am not going to discuss this issue anymore because it does not matter.

Being a true believer in “When One Door Closes, Another Door Will Open”, validates my transition from the NFL to the NHL. For years, my bride who is a lifelong hockey fan, tried to get me to watch hockey on a consistent basis. I did watch hockey during the playoffs and occasionally during the regular season but my choice was football.
So, this brings me to 5 Reasons NHL Hockey Is Better Than NFL Football:

  1. NHL Hockey has regular season games almost every day of the week starting early fall and finishing early spring.
    1. NFL Football has sixteen (16) regular season games a year normally on Thursday, Sunday and Monday.
  2. NHL Hockey allows players to settle differences on the ice although players are penalized.
    1. NFL Football does not allow players to settle differences on the field to the same level that the NHL does.
  3. NHL Hockey players stand for both the United States and Canadian national anthem.
    1. NFL Football players do what they want. This is a different topic of discussion.
  4. NHL Hockey allows fan participation in the game, hats, squids, octopus, catfish, etc.
    1. NFL Football frowns on similar participation.
  5. NHL Hockey fans are nearly on the ice, banging on the glass, get hit by pucks.
    1. NFL Football fans are normally segregated from the game and often in the nose bleed section.

I could go on about why NHL Hockey is better than NFL Football but believe Having addressed effectively. I was upset about the situation with NFL Football but now it is a small simmer and NFL Football has joined MLB Baseball after the 1994 strike.

Having adjusted to my new reality and we have purchased NHL Center Ice which made my bride of thirty (30) years happy. During the first two (2) weeks of the NHL Hockey season, Having learned much about the game since we watch from 6 until 12 each night. I anticipate watching over 1,000 hours of NHL Hockey this season and it is great watching the skill of these athletes.

You can teach an old dog new tricks and being fifty plus going on fifteen I am happy about this. Perhaps, in time I will return to NFL Football but I will never have the passion I once had for the game. I hope it does not take me as long to return to football as MLB Baseball since I went from 1994 to 2017 without going to a game.

One last item of interest. If a lifelong fan of NFL Football like me is willing to say screw it, how many more are out there with the same attitude?

In closing, thanks for reading this article and it is great being fifty plus going on fifteen (50 plus going on 15).

Wishing you health, safety, and success. Please feel free to provide comments.

Jay Patterson



I Love My CanCooker JR – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

I love a day when you need to ask what is going on here and 2017 has been a year when I have been able to say that quite often. The one thing for certain is that I Love My CanCooker.
As you may have read in earlier blogs, in early 2016 I left my career of sixteen (16) years when I truly loved the company. I left the company twelve (12) months after it was sold and of course the new owners knew best how to run the company so this used up manager moved on without a long term strategy.

I floated around in the industry I had been affiliated with for the last twenty (20) years but at the end of 2016 I was offered an opportunity with a company in a different industry. Why not try something new right. In December 2016, I started my new job and actually received a gift card for the holidays for Bass Pro. Well, you can never go wrong with a gift card from Bass Pro right.

After multiple trips to the main Bass Pro in town and the clearance center since Bass Pro is based out of the local area. I found a few things that I liked but could not make a decision. Finally, I went to the lower level and seen the CanCooker JR and it was love at first site.

Grabbing the CanCooker JR, I made my way to the checkout line. Once there, I whipped out my gift card and cha-ching, I was the owner of a brand new CanCooker JR. I rushed to my truck and went home stopping by the market so get some yummy ingredients to cook in my CanCooker JR.

I arrived at home with my ingredients and prepared as described in my abbreviated CanCooker JR cooking guide. Traveled to put the ingredients in the CanCooker JR and the grates on the box were not included. My heart did a double beat and I did a quick Google to determine what is going on here. My answer was instantly posted on Google that the grates were not included.

With the CanCooker JR and ingredients in hand, I had to think fast how to cook supper without the grates. I looked in the pantry and in the cupboards and I seen some aluminum pie tins that just might work. Using the scissors, and good old fashion sweat, I fabricated temporary grates and ordered the correct ones on Amazon.

Back in service, I cooked up a CanCooker JR smorgasbord and immediately fell in love. I have had pots, pans, grills, broilers, etc., and never have I found a self-contained cooker that I could use at home or when camping. Never have I found a cooking device that locked in the taste and moisture like my CanCooker JR.

I purchased a small CanCooker Cook Book On Amazon to supplement my abbreviated recipes that were included and since December 2016 I have used existing recipes, modified recipes, and developed new recipes and every meal has been scrupulous. If you want to learn more about what you can cook with the CanCooker JR, let me know.

The CanCooker and I became best friends in December 2016 and my time with the company that was responsible for our meeting was short-lived. I always smile and chuckle a bit when I use my CanCooker JR because through this relationship, my CanCooker JR was the best thing that happened to me other that having some great employees work for me.

What cooking device do you have a special relationship with?

Great to be fifty plus going on fifteen (50 plus going on 15).

Wishing you heath, safety, and success.

Jay Patterson