How To Lose Weight Part 1 – Fifty Plus Going On Fifteen

I have always said I wish I was 21-year old with the wisdom of a 50-year old but if I had any wish in the world, I would be a 50-year old with the metabolism of a 21-year old.

It was an overnight occurrence, at the age of 40 I went to sleep burning favorite foods without issue and next thing you know, I would smell donuts and gain weight. Of course, weight gain had nothing to do with eating two plus helpings during supper, driving hundreds of miles each day for work, eating fast food for lunch, lack of athletic activity, and/or 3 AM snacks where I would leave one (1) in case somebody wanted it even though I ate nine (9).

For the past ten plus (10+) years, my weight increased 40 percent compared to when I retired from the Navy pushing 165 pounds soaking wet and running five (5) to ten (10) miles per day in hot, humid coastal Georgia. Even during the holiday season, my weight stayed constant and I enjoyed eating all the good foods. Foods that were good to me anyhow.

I initially increased in weight from 165 pounds to 200 pounds and attributed the weight gain to getting older. I would go on a fad diet to drop 15 to 20 pounds and return to my old habits and weight gain until I was around 200 pounds. My ego prevented me from purchasing new pants and shirts as long as I would yo-yo in this range. The plan was rock solid and good to go.

Unluckily, the fad diets did not work anymore and 200 pounds turned into 210 pounds and I was not losing weight. I purchased new pants and shirts and summed the weight gain up as a side effect of getting older. To make things worse, my knees bothered me with the extra weight but once again of course they did since I was getting older.

Well, the wheels started to wobble as I was pushing 230 pounds plus and experiencing issues with my cholesterol and triglycerides. I went up another size in pants and shirts and my doctor put me on medication, diet and exercise regiment.

Finally, the wheels pretty started falling off when I was informed that my liver was failing, my weight was not dropping and if I did not make life altering decisions. Wow, history was repeating itself since my grandfather died at the age of 55 due to heart disease caused by cholesterol and triglycerides.

Needless to say, this was my “Suck It Up Buttercup Moment” and I started searching for a way to lose weight and keep it off, restore liver functions, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, and purchase smaller shirts and pants. None of these goals were a small task considering my track record in the last ten plus (10+) years but each had to be tackled.

The most pressing issue was my liver so after researching my cholesterol and triglyceride medication, one of the side effects included liver issues so I talked my doctor into changing my medication and I stopped drinking all alcohol. Guess what, after six (6) months, my liver functions returned to normal.

In tandem with resolving my liver issue, I tried numerous methods and diets to regulate my weight since I was certain if I reduce my weight I would also resolve my cholesterol and triglyceride issues. I had limited success dropping weight but was keeping constant at around 230 pounds.

I continued to research methods to reduce weight, keep the weight off and restore my body chemistry. In July 2016, after much research I made a decision on the best course of action and decided to change my eating habits from a see food or fad food strategy to a Paleo strategy setting a start date on my 53rd birthday.

It has been over a year since I made the change and I have maintained my weight at 200 pounds even through the holiday season. It has been over six (6) months since I was removed off my cholesterol and triglyceride medications. My knees are doing much better and I have purchased smaller size clothing. Overall a big win for Paleo and myself.

What is Paleo and where does it fit in “How To Lose Weight“?

Stay tuned for future articles and I will shed further light on what Paleo is and how I used it to get to a comfortable weight of 200 pounds.

Have a safe weekend and thanks for reading,

Jay Patterson






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